Monday, 29 September 2014

Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour

I'm setting a bad precedent by writing two days in a row. But I needed to talk about Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour. I first fell in love with Nina LaCour when I read Hold Still. Hold Still is one of my most favourite books EVER and one of the books on the 'relationship shelf' I have with Brian. (This shelf has all of the books that have been significant to our relationship.) It's just an amazing book. I need to reread it and review it. Because seriously. So good.

But, the point is. We picked up Everything Leads to You because of our love for Nina LaCour.  And, it's so good. I'm going to mainly reference one amazing thing about this book.  And that thing is that it's about a lesbian girl. But it's NOT about her being a lesbian. Mind. Blown. Seriously. When's the last time that you picked up a book that had a lesbian character as the main character, but the book wasn't about her being a lesbian or her being accepted or all of the trials she went through? Was it ever? Cause for me, it hasn't been ever. Maybe I've been reading the wrong books. But I love that this book says to lesbian girls, 'yeah. You can experience life in the same way as a straight girl. Just replace the naughty bits of the love interest with female ones.' Done. How cool is that?
Also, aside from that, it's an interesting story. Almost all of the characters work in the film industry, so it's super glamorous. But in a relatable normal person way. Not in a movie star kind of way. It's definitely a lighter read than Hold Still, but still really enjoyable. I think it's a perfect read for a teenager, if only because it makes what some people think 'isn't normal' feel perfectly normal.
So. Read it. Enjoy it. So good.

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